About Us
Engineering & Metallurgical Consultants Pvt. Ltd. are amongst the leading Technology Provider, Project Consultants and Turnkey Project Providers related to Ferrous Metallurgical Industries. EMC is very active in ASIA, Africa, Middle East and Europe.

The Group Specialization includes project conceptualization from Preliminary Planning to implementation of Steel Industry for modern steel plants with Induction Furnaces, Electric Arc Furnaces, Continuous Casting Machines, Ladle Refining Furnaces, Converters, Rolling Mills for production of Quality Construction Steels and Value Added Carbon, Alloy & Stainless Steels.

EMC has to its credit the first successful conversion of High Carbon Fe Mn to Medium Carbon Fe Mn by Converter route. EMC has Modern Mini Blast Furnace and LD Converter Technology with Chinese Collaboration to usher Developing Countries into integrated Mini / Midi Steel Plants. Based on precisely collected data, EMC undertakes projects for TECHNO-ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY REPORTS.

Design/Manufacturing services are provided for special purpose equipments for up-gradation of existing steel plants for increased productivity, reduction in cost of production and to produce value added steels.

EMC offers technical audit services and develops management information systems for regular production & cost monitoring, preventive maintenance & equipment health, product mix selection etc.